For qualifying students at the Bowdoinham Community School and Bowdoin Central School, we offer weekly packed bags of nutritious and easy to prepare food. Bags include enough food for all meals and snacks during the weekend. A suggested menu is put together each week and includes things like eggs and toast, oatmeal, deli meat, pasta, meat, all the fixings to make homemade pizza, fresh fruit and vegetables, just to name a few. Bags are delivered to families on Thursday afternoons.

Our Weekend Food For Kids program is a critical part of our work. Almost 50% of students at the elementary school qualify for free or reduced lunch. The cost of filling one backpack is about $15 ($1. 30 every time a child eats). $60.00 will fill one child’s backpack each week for an entire month.

Currently we serve 16 families and 41 children. If you have questions about our Backpack Program or would like more information, call 207 – 751 – 7779, or email bowdoinhamfoodpantry @

The Little Free Pantry

Similar to a Little Free Library, this tiny pantry is available 24/7 and can be stocked and used by anyone. The pantry is stocked with a variety of shelf stable items biweekly such as cereal, pasta, shelf stable milk, snacks, diapers, soap, etc.

We have two Little Free Pantries: one is located at the Greenleaf Apartments at 65 Preble Rd in Bowdoinham and the other is right outside the Pantry at 9 Main Street in Bowdoinham!

The Falcon Market

Our satellite pantry at the Bowdoinham Community School, The Falcon Market, was established in August of 2023. Shelf-stable food, snacks and personal hygiene items are available for direct student and teacher access. During the months that fresh produce is abundant, the Market offers a sharing table of fresh vegetables and fruit open to the school community. Additionally, the Market is stocked with seasonal gear, footwear, and a closet of clothes. During school events such as Open Houses, sporting events, plays, and art shows, the Market will be open to the school community. The Falcon Market is funding through sponsors.

Edible Waterfront

In 2022, a raised bed garden was added outside the Pantry, operating like a Little Free Pantry, allowing anyone to harvest produce and tend to the garden. The garden is particularity popular during weekly distribution. While shoppers wait, they often pick produce to take home, weed, and water. Kids are often seen hunting for cucumbers and delivering ripe cherry tomatoes to older folks who are less mobile.

Margie’s Market

Weekly deliveries of produce, canned and boxed food are made to the residences of Bowdoinham Estates. Food is available to anyone who lives there and is offered in a “sharing table” format.

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